I had my first showing for my 1999 Saab convertible today. I don't know if it went well or not.

The guy was nice enough. He eventually offered me $1200 while I was asking $2200. He told a sad story about how he's buying it for his uncle and that they got in a crash and they need a cheap car. He got me to agree to $1500.

I'm okay with this, as I almost sold it for that much last week (guy said he didn't have the money).

I don't know if I can sell this car to them with all the problems it has. It runs just fine and I drove it 60 miles today and it was just fine. It will have problems and they will be expensive.

I don't know what to do. He left in a weird way after I reluctantly accepted the $1500 offer by saying "I accept this offer and will be in touch with you soon". And then he left. Should I take the add of craigslist? I don't know what to do.