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Selling on Oppo - A Guide

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Selling stuff on Oppo, always kinda a gray area...well no more! The idea of marketing goods via the network that exists in Oppositelock has come up a few times here and there and in the interest of clarity and hopefully keeping this place the oddball, off-topic and interesting place that it is we’ve come up with a guide and set of rules for using Oppositelock to sell your stuffs.


First off, Oppositelock is not marketplace and generally speaking using Oppo as sales platform is prohibited. That having been said, there are some circumstances where these activities are in the best interest of the community; Stickers for Oppo, car art and other works of creativity that are in Oppo’s wheelhouse, so to speak, add to the community and increase the quality of Oppositelock. In addition, if you have an interesting car or car parts you know of for sale, or are selling one yourself and you think we would want to know about, it would be acceptable provided it meets the criteria. What criteria you ask? The general test would be to ask:

Does this add to the community or is it for personal gain only?

In addition to this test we ask that you abide by simple rules to help you avoid confrontation with other community members and to make sure your intentions are clear.

  • Please write up any sales posts on your personal author blog and share to Oppositelock. i.e. HammerheadFistpunch shared a post to Oppositelock
  • DO NOT ask for money directly in your post or comments. Instead please link to a marketplace outside of Kinja. I.e., selling wheels? Link to your craigslist add/eBay add but do NOT ask for offers, include a payment button, deal directly through Kinja comments or through solicitation of emails through Kinja comments. We want to help you find a new owner for those wheels, we DO NOT want to be the market place for it.
  • DO NOT spam Oppositelock. If you have a product that you will be selling over time, for example stickers, please choose a tag for your post and call attention to the tag so people may find it down the road, you are free to re-post from time to time but excessive advertising will not be tolerated. Whats excessive? If we think we are seeing too much of it or are getting complaints about it we as moderators will let you know and ask you to tone it down.
  • Only contributing members of the community should consider using Oppositelock to sell their items. Generally speaking we want new authors and new perspectives and so authorship is a pretty straight forward process with a high success rate, however, that does NOT mean that we won’t ban you strait away if it’s clear you are using Oppo primarily to hawk your wares. Token efforts apply here is well; if you want to use Oppositelock to sell your items you need to be adding to this community – Again - Does this add to the community or is it for personal gain only?
  • No Reselling. If you don’t own the creative rights to something, or are acting solely as a middleman, we will pull your post and issue a warning.

Are you seeing a pattern here? We want you to be able to have the opportunity to express your creativity and fund your crazy hobbies, but the first and great priority here is that it needs to exists to make Oppo “richer” and not just yourself.

To be clear, this hasn’t been a big problem in the past and we hope that doesn’t change going forward, but we’ve had enough isolated samples to feel that laying down some groundwork would be in order. Thanks and happy Oppo

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