Selling some things. Maybe.

This 2008 Honda Rincon 680 was my mom’s pride and joy which she bought new and took great care of (but never hesitated use its potential). It’s fast and fun.

She’s been gone five years now and we barely use the Honda. Since I’d love to reclaim the garage space we’ve decided to sell it, along with our 2003 Honda Foreman Rubicon (three cheers for hydrostatic transmissions in ATVs!) and a 1991 Fisher Freedom 220 pontoon boat, neither of which live in the garage, btw. The Rubicon is in rough shape but would be a great project for someone. It’s a fucking tank and I always enjoyed watching my mom drive it. She loved it so! As for the boat? Fuck boats. The boat hates me and I kinda hate it too.


Even though we don’t use any of these much they remind me of my mom who lived life to the fullest. For that reason I am hesitating to selling the ATVs and the boat. I know that keeping them won’t bring her back and selling them won’t cause me to forget all the good times, but the closer I get to putting an ad up, I have anxiety. I hate this feeling.

Bonus pics of my mom driving a skid steer because she was a badass.


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