Selling Subaru wheels - ideas?

I have a set of unused Crosstrek Hybrid rims I no longer need for sale – any ideas on best ways to get rid of them (or anyone on Oppo interested)?

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Bought these to have as a seasonal set for my wife’s 2014 Crosstrek, but we just sold that car and replaced it with an Outback. Of course Subaru just had to change the bolt pattern on the current outback to 5x114.3 (these rims are 5x100 like most Subaru wheels) so I can’t use them anymore. Guy I got them from had taken them off as soon as he got the car to put aftermarket wheels on – so these are pretty much untouched.

I live in Portland, OR and I’ve been generally underwhelmed by the size of the local car market so CL hasn’t resulted in much interest...I might resort to FB Marketplace next even though that looks like a mess. Oppo have any thoughts on other places to list, or have any interest in taking them? Family discount, of course.

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