Its not set in stone, but the friend of a friend seriously wants to buy my Blast

Problem is that this is happening faster than expected so I need to find a new bike very soon because the weather is getting to be real nice!

I really liked the baby Buell, and it was a great bike to learn on, but now that I’ve gotten some miles in the saddle I’m ready for a change. My main complaints were comfort and suspension. I don’t find the ergonomics to be great for any long stints on the bike. The pegs are a little too far forward and the seat shape hurts my ass after about an hour.

I’m after a good all-rounder for commuting, urban/city riding, weekend tours, and spirited twisty-road riding. I also want to try a track day at some point.


So my current first pick is a 2nd gen SV650, the naked one, I’m too much of hipster to go without a round headlight. I’m not opposed to the first gen, but I prefer the looks and fuel injection of the 2nd gen. But damn I can’t seem to find any good ones for sale.

I also just saw this on CL that I’m suddenly interested in.


I’m also interested in the Bonneville, Ducati Scrambler, and Yamaha FZ-07/09, but I’d rather not spend that much.

Budget is in the $2000-4000 range. Any suggestions?