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Selling the effie.

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I bought this truck last summer from RPM in Vermont. They typically do high end restorations on vintage exotics, but Peter also has a soft spot for old trucks. They didn't touch the paint or body on this. It's a "ten footer," there's surface rust in spots on the old paint job, but it's solid. What they did do was make sure it was a dependable driver. The appeal to me was that this isn't a chopped up truck. It's still got a stock(although refreshed and newly aligned) front suspension,6 volt electrical, the strong running straight 6, and a 3 on the tree. Other than a few updates(like radial tires) it's just like it would have been if you were looking for a maintained used truck in the late 50s or early 60s. Shocks are new, brakes are new, the heater works, the wipers work, the wiring is new, the steering box is rebuilt, the radiator re-cored, new tires, generator and alternator overhauled, new speedo cable(reads accurate) the entire fuel system is new(gauge works, but could be adjusted, empty tanks reads 1/4), etc, etc. There are a couple cracks in the side windows, but I think these trucks came with cracked windows lol...they still work. The tailgate latches/chains are there and work.


Above photo by Matt Trombley


I've undergone 3 arm surgeries since I bought it, but in between operations and casts I put 3-400 miles on it. Starts up right away every time. My wife loves it too, which isn't always the case with my toys :). This winter it's been at my friend's shop in heated storage, other than when we drove it down to Detroit for Autorama.


With this truck you're not stepping into someone else's creation; no hacked together Volaire or Mustang front clip with a SBC. No backyard lowering or slapped in newer seats. No surprises. It's still a cool old basically original truck that you can drive, and they're getting really hard to find. I've got a clean Michigan title for it. Asking $14,500.


Message me at if you're interested.

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