Selling the Miata

Working on the ad right now, and hoping to sell it very soon after getting back to Seattle. In a perfect world I’d have the sale ready to be made before I flew back home.

I have no idea what to price it at though. I put up a very quick teaser on a small miata forum with just one image and a few of the most valuable parts highlighted at $7000 and got a ton of responses, so I pulled the ad. I wasn't expecting that much. 


There’s about $22,000 worth of parts on her, and a fair number of those things—coilovers, rollbar, etc.—regularly go for 90% of the retail price when sold secondhand. Some napkin math makes me think I could get 13-14k if I parted it out, but I don’t want to do that.

I’d actually be pretty happy with the $7k offers I already got, but... I mean... If I can get more I’m not complaining. Thoughts?

Plan is to finance a Monster, pay off this current trip, invest a bit and.... Well. I’ll share the rest later. I’ve been rethinking some life things.

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