Selling the Volvo

I'm moving ( more on that later) and I need to get rid of my '84 245 turbo (manual).


It's a little rough around the edges but it's mechanically sound. Three Michigan winters have made the rust bug start to show, but so far it's all pretty light and salvageable. The turbo makes lots of boost, and it's got a set of Recaros from an older Trans-am that match the stock interior perfectly. It's also got a momo wheel and a set of IPd's famous swaybars. It's sitting on a (rough) set of extremely rare 15"x 8" Remotec wheels and brand new Falken ziex 912's. I'll include a lightly used set of bilstein HD's (<1000 miles) that I never put on and a head unit to replace the stock volvo junk, along with some random parts and stuff I have sitting around.

$2500. NPOCP? I'm in South East Michigan.

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