SEMA 2008 - 10 Years Later

A decade ago, I had the good fortune to attend the SEMA show in Las Vegas. My brother worked for a car care company, and they had hired Bill Goldberg as a... spokesmodel(?) for the week. So, I got to be Bill Goldberg that Sunday. Good thing we look so similar and have a pretty much identical build - ha! Was a great time with my brother - was so incredible seeing all these amazing machines up close and personal. Only time I’ve seen an F40 in person, first time seeing an Ariel Atom in the metal. These first pictures are some Hot Wheels design studies that ended up making it into production, as well as some full-size customs based on Hot Wheels designs - definitely one of the highlights of the show! The link to the full, 300+ photo album is below.

Twin Mill!
Bedazzled Mercedes!
Separated at birth.

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