SEMA Day 1 - First Thoughts from a Noob

Survived a day at SEMA and here’s my impressions.

* Fuck Traffic. Vehicular and Foot.

* Lotsa Chinese vendors. Lot of them with SEMA member placards. Lots Chinese buyers as well.


* Free Stuff - GOOD.

* Tons of old folks. Felt I was about to be run over by the granny scooters in abundance.

* The amount of American stuff is staggering.

* Toyota shoved the old stuff outside, only had the junk new stuff inside. A TRD Avalon? WTF? No TRD Sienna?


* Lexus freebie: Pencil Tire Gauge with your engraved name on it.

* Best Freebie so far: Red Kap shirt with one of several custom designs.

* Got shoved by members of Velocity’s camera teams here and there....

* Shuttles to SEMA need better logistics.

Onto Day Two.....


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