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Semi AC Related questions

So my new to me 2007 Sterling LC carrier is having a weird ac issue. I’m just trying to diagnose it prior to winging parts willy nilly.

It’s got the MBE4000 motor my last six of VIN are X62104 if you have some kinda special access.


At idle my ac is blowing hot. At highway speeds, or moving at anything really 30 and up. The ac blows cold. I’m not talking stupid cold but enough to cool you down and keep ya comfy.

Again, I’m an idiot with ac stuff. So I figured I’d ask and maybe someone can answer.


It doesnt blow at what I’d consider fine blower speed. I do drive a crown vic and it has basically the same HVAC controls, maybe shares alot more.

My Vic on high will freeze you out. This truck on high might as well be setting 2 or 3 in my car. I’ve put new filters in. The one under the hood and under the dash. Since the under hood one was nasty. I also held the blower motor and blew air into the area to help blow out any junk, which none really came out.

I haven’t checked pressures, added any freon, or anything beyond the filters. I also have a consistent drip of water on the passenger side floor when the ac is running.

With it being the 4th of july this weekend, my preferred diesel mechanic is off until monday.


Any suggestions? Things I could try before just sending it to the shop. I’m content with it when it is actually blowing, just trying to maybe increase blower speed if at all possible and figure out the idles ac issue.

My radiator fan does work, and does do its job.

Picture of it for your time.

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