Most of my friends are into cars. None of them, however, have the knack for identification that I do, so occasionally I get an "I saw a car!" and I have to play 20 questions to figure it out.

A recent example:

Friend: I saw a sick Ferrari today.

Me: Oh yeah, what was it?

F: I'm not sure. It had a like rounded ass.

Me: well was it new or old?

F: Newer I think.

Me: Ok, was it front or mid engined.

F: front

Me: so it was probably a California or 599.

F: I have no idea, it kinda looked like that BMW coupe thing.

Me: ooooo you saw an FF.

I always forget about that one.

On a side note, thank you so much to everyone who has attempted to cheer me uo so far. You're all the best. I'll give proper thanks later with a treat.