I complain about my house a lot. Okay, well not really my house, but my garage... It's freaking tiny. Like two cars make it look stuffed to the brim.

I also complain about my HOA's a lot. I hate them. Immoral pieces of shit. But that's another rant for another day.

I always have an eye out for cheap land outside of HOA control in case I have the spare funds... [read: never at my current pace]

I recently stumbled across this lovely plot. A little closer to town than I am now, but a bit (a lot) more open. It sits on 1.25 acres, but is rather old and in need of much updating (MUCH).


The house is also smaller than my current by about 500 sq ft, but in about a month it will be just me and the dog so I have no need for massive interior space. And just look at all the open land! What a garage I could build back there! With a lift, and proper workspace, and storage... Plus the dog would have ample space to run around and play.


I could get it for essentially the same price I could sell my current house for, assuming I fixed all the things on my massive to do list... plus I would be saving a little over $100 / mo in HOA dues (although I would probably gain that back in taxes and insurance on the bigger plot of land).

Just not really sure if I want to deal with all the work in updating / fixing this house up. I put a ton of $ into making my current place energy efficient and would have to do the same if not more here due to its age, plus everything from the 70's is still in place. Granted, when I got done with it it would be worth a hell of a lot more than what my current place could ever be.


/ rant / indecision