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Semi Falls Off Overpass Onto Camry in Texas, Everybody Walks Away Unscathed

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A semi tractor trailer traveling southbound on US-59 through Sugar Land, Texas somehow flipped over the guardrail of an overpass and fell on top of a Toyota Camry yesterday. There were no serious injuries to report, thus earning Toyota a customer FOR LIFE.


The whole incident started when a jackass driving a gold SUV like a bat out of hell in the rain hit the semi rig, which caused the semi to hit another car, which caused the semi to jackknife and flip over the guardrails. The Camry, occupied by a woman and her child, was driving home from a grocery run below 59, on University Blvd, when the semi truck crashed down on her from heaven. A Good Samaritan/fucking hero helped the woman and child out of the car through a rear window. The kiddo was taken to a local hospital as a precaution.

This accident created a holy clusterfuck for traffic in Sugar Land yesterday on my drive home from work, but I knew it was coming due to the amount of news helicopters buzzing the area outside my office. I went through the intersection today on my way to a meeting; the guardrail is being repaired and the traffic lights have already been replaced.


The lesson: Driving like an asshole on the highway and cutting through lanes haphazardly can end up screwing up someone’s day/risking their lives. Don’t do it.


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