Semi-necessary car shopping with 7:07

We’ve been a one-car family now for the past two years and I think it’s time to add a second car to the stable.

We are leasing a lovely 2017 Chrysler Pacifica that does kid-schlepping and road trips and has been a great improvement to the 2002 Suburban that came before it. What I need now is a great second car with a comfortable highway ride and good power. Can be sedan, hatchback, pickup, Unimog - whatever. Recent second cars have included: 1995 Miata, 2013 Chevy Volt, 1992 Dodge W250 Cummins, 1995 Geo Prizm, 2004 Toyota Camry.

I’m looking all over the place, 2005 Lexus LS430, another 1st Gen Volt (unless a 2nd gen is cheap enough), TDI Golf or ?? (never had a German car), another Camry, crew cab pickup.


Budget is $8-15k. I’m in Southern Utah if that matters.

Side tangent and possible complete re-direction: I’m currently obsessing over a Durango SRT for myself, but don’t want a second lease (current Pacifica’s lease is due to end in a year). Do I end the lease early on the Pacifica and pull the trigger on the Durango and find a cheaper minivan replacement? This is what I was going to do next year, I just need a second car sooner than that.

Want vs. Need

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