I have a week with no family, so every night will be spent in the garage.

having been frustrated by rusty bolts on my brakes, and knowing dye would need a few days to dry, I moved on to some more cosmetic jobs.

teaser image, the before and after
after 400 grit sandpaper. always a little nerve wracking when you get to this point because your headlights are well and truly ruined!
after 1000 grit
after a headlight restoration polish
all taped up and wiped down with alcohol
first coat of blue tinted clear
second coat of blue tinted clear
yay! purple! the result of 15 years of being parked in the sun with no window tint
the original colour nicely preserved beneath where the middle seatbelt always lies across the seat
sprayed with black fabric paint/dye. I’m SUPER eager to peal off the tape, but want to do some touchups tonight.
installed a short shifter. now the shift linkage contacts a mounting plate, so... that blows
and the brakes of frustration. The previous owner had clearly just been changing pads for some time. brand new thick meaty pads were in there, but they were ruined by the lip on the rotor
ahhh rust, the best threadlocker there is
and how she will likely be sitting all week long.

on the list for this week is: headlight restore, realign bumper and fender, AAALLLLL the fluids (oil, diff, trans, coolant, brake, steering etc.), rewire amp (twelve thumbed gorilla did it before), redo headliner, thermostat, fuel filter, short shifter, pedal covers, brakes, fix a leak, adjust handbrake, fix exhaust heat wrap, fix tear in seat, dye seats, redo trunk carpet, ermm....


I THINK that’s all that sitting in the pile of goodies in the basement, but I’m confident I’m missing something. There’s a spreadsheet, but I don’t want to share that from embarrassment :P

a reminder of the mspaint rendered plan. One slight change is that I’m now planning to vinyl wrap the car, likely in a darker grey/silver.


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