Semi trucks are some of the most """Jalop""" vehicles.

They are;

1. Almost always diesel, but petrol/gas/electric trucks do exist.

2. Almost always manual (in North America and Oceania, at least.)

3. Designs haven’t really changed since the 60s for some models, such as square hood Peterbilts or the Kenworth W900.


4. The closest thing you can get these days to a vehicle with a Saab badge is a truck with a Scania badge (although these days they’re owned by VW).

5. Straight sixes and V8s dominate the industry, with a couple of oddball V10s thrown in for good measure.

6. Almost always rear-wheel(s)-drive, except for 6x6, 8x8, etc offroad trucks.

7. A massive chunk of truckers are also big time gearheads and there’s a giant community of truck enthusiasts, consisting of both truckers and non-truckers.


8. It’s a car you can sleep in.


9. With the big fancy ultra-expensive sleepers, it’s also a car you can poop in.


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