I’m working for an old, bitter, rich lady in a private community in Seattle. Rush Limbaugh (conservative radio) is playing through every speaker in the house at ear-bleed volume levels. The heat is set to 87° (I checked). She keeps complaining about EVERYTHING. some quotes below...

“that black man tried to turn our whole country into a socialist nuthouse”

22 million people without Healthcare? Where do they even get that number? When I was young I didn’t even have Healthcare and I did fine.” (she says as she has trouble walking from the kitchen to the dining room...)

“our country is falling apart because we’ve lost church values”

Our country is falling apart because the younger generations don’t think for themselves”

“Seattle is a terrible place to retire, but my financial advisors say I should wait for my husband to pass away before selling the house”


Seriously. Send help. This house sucks even without all that... Windows are annoying af.

Kwality worcminship
Window does not open from the inside. Why the screen? God only knows...