So, as some of you (okay ALL OF YOU) are aware (BECAUSE I SCREAM ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME) I have absolutely and completely had it with my current job. In so, so, so, so many ways.

I really, really do not want to say more for fear of jinxing it. But I have been doing things. And one of these things is sounding like it will bear fruit. Not the ‘meh, apples, whatever’ kind either. The “hot diggity damn, passionfruit! I LOVE PASSIONFRUIT!” kind. (Also: fuck you. It’s not just a metaphor. I love passionfruit.)

But man do I need all the good luck charms in the world. Maybe that’s why Onyxia’s trying to fucking eat me alive. Never once in my life have I had any good luck without a double dose of complete shit in parallel.