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Senna: A Rally Tribute

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I’m sure there’re a whole lot of tributes today to the late great Formula 1 driver, Ayrton Senna - my feed is pretty jammed. I came across one that shows a side to the man other than stoic racer-staring or racer-philosophizing you usually get.


And the great thing is that it - aside from the overalls - has nothing to do with Formula 1 at all!

This is from the May, 2014 edition of Motorsport Magazine by Steve Bennett.

There are are some great moments captured of Senna weaving through traffic, dinner with the family, and of course, getting a feel for a variety of 80's rally cars.

“And then through came Senna in a glorious slide, laughing his head off and making a gesture with his hand that suggested we both enjoyed sex of a singular nature.”


Read the full article here... Senna’s Dirty Weekend


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