“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”

With the demise of Cars and Coffee the search for a great show has come to an end. I found it 3 months ago, just a few miles further down the road from the old Cars and Coffee location and it is named Cars and Cantina (formerly known as Cantina and Cars). This was the 3rd time I went and it has set the bar to the stratosphere. The Senna I missed at Cars and Coffee was in attendence and pretty much as wide open as a hypercar could get. I could get some slider shots in and was happy. Same for the Pagani Huayra which showed off it’s transformer abilities.

There was also an XJ220 in attendance, the same one I have seen at Cars and Coffee. Ironically enough the crowd made it impossible to shoot that car as people crowded the brand new hypercars. Got one solid slider shot in and I made sure to include it as I believe it is one of the most sexy cars in existence.


There were also a lot of Classics on the lot. I didn’t shoot as many this go around. Got a GT500 (Eleanor gone in 60 seconds replica) and a 1970 Chevelle which was parked next to my Mustang. And while I love my Mustang it only takes some old school muscle to put it in it’s place. Metal and Chrome Front End > Plastic every time!

This show reminded me of what Cars and Coffee used to be. Lots of show worthy rides... It was a good day to shoot cars too... No wind, no cold... Texas, I hate you sometimes, but days like these make it worth it to live down here!

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