This was very good.

If you’re at all into racing history and being a bit of a late night motorsport dork then this is really very good.

1983 was a big year for the British Formula 3 championship with Ayrton Senna who was supposedly going to dominate before the championship even started.

However, a small team run by a somewhat ridiculous Eddie Jordan had a driver by the name of Martin Brundle who proved it wouldn’t be a runaway championship.


The documentary features interesting interviews from team owners, engineers, and the drivers who were there including Eddie Jordan, Martin Brundle, Calvin Fish, Allen Berg, Davy Jones, Gordon Murray, and many others.

I think most importantly it shows a far more multi faceted perspective on the most celebrated driver in history and uncovers a deeper understanding of the man. Interestingly enough - and they make this point in the film - is that these tendencies would very clearly resurface later on during his Formula 1 career.


It also takes the time to tell the story of Martin Brundle who fought his way into the scene and proved his worth against arguably the greatest driver who ever lived.