Thank you Senna dearest, your presents are wonderful!

Check it out! I requested an offroad themed present and my Senna delivered!

1. A Defender scale model with a special feature!


2. A super cool Land Rover Defender shaped multitool. This is classy as heck. It’s going on my keychain immediately.


A very interesting book on the Wrangler, it’s history, models, variations and all the crazy concepts over the years.


The Defender is hanging out with his new friends until it’s needed.

Thank you Senna once again, I hope you had no problems with shipping and that it didn’t break the bank. I am very glad I joined Secret Senna this year, this is a fantastic thing guys.

I will cherish my presents for a long time. Cheers! May your engine run strong, lap times short, and your skidmarks be long and consistent. Haha poop joke. xoxo