"Jalopnik Motor Company"? A car? What's the name? How does it look?

And: How were they able to hide this project from us?

A lot of questions are still unanswered.

Yet through an anonymous and reliable source, I got a tip where I could find more information.

Without getting into delicate details here because someone's job might be on the line, I - with the help from several pints of the cheapest lager, a one-legged con woman, a Richard Petty costume and a spanking horse set up in a hotel room - was able to hastily take these photographs of an order list draft.


Despite DeMuro's rant it seems that Jalopnik Motors has to give in to business realities and public demand, and therefore offers several option packages.

This looks promising so far, and judging by the state of the papers they won't forget to equip the car with plenty of cupholders.


But is anything else missing or simply wrong in your opinion? Now is the chance to add something before it might be too late.