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Sense of Accomplishment: High

Sand and polish headlights: Check.

Replace burned-out foglights: Check.

Upgrade fog lamps and head lamps to LEDs: Check.

Upgrade turn signal bulbs to LED: Check.

Upgrade parking lights to LED: Check.

Upgrade high beams to LED: Not check. The fans on the back of the bulb assemblies don’t fit in the offset hole that serves to access the high beams, “city” light, and fog light. I might cut a hole for them, but I use my brights so rarely and currently I can return everything back to stock.


5/6: Not bad!

Took the car on a short test drive this evening, and oh goodness was the work worthwhile! Better fill and improved brightness, and of course the whiter light seems to illuminate things better. They’re not as bright or as full as my CX-5's factory LEDs but for the money and effort I’m very pleased.


I hope Nibbles doesn’t eat these...

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