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"Sensual" the last word I wanted to hear coming out of Leno's mouth

As archaic as Jay Leno's videos are, he drives some amazing cars, and meets some amazing people. I don't want another Top Gear, or really another Chris Harris on Cars, or Tuned, but I want something more interesting than this. At least do it to honor these fantastic cars. Please?

In this latest edition of Jay Leno's Garage, Jay gets to take a spin in the Aston Martin CC100 Concept, a 1 of 2 masterpiece harking back to the Aston Shelby and Moss piloted to victory in 1959. A beautiful roadworthy concept that is somehow lithe and burly at the same time, while showcasing its materials in a way that makes you want to fondle and stroke it. This very private and special moment is ruined after the sixth or seventh time Jay refers to the Aston brand as the "most sensual, sexy" manufacturer. You can try to block it out, but it won't do you any good.


I respect Jay Leno as being a true diehard when it comes to cars. I respect him for the fact that he lets the public into his massive and impressive garage via these videos, that he lets us in so we can gawk and drool over our keyboards. I just don't want him, there, obscuring my view. Someone needs to recut these videos so its just engine noise and car porn. I want his stories subtitled on top, his voice removed. Is that too much to ask?

Here's the video via Autoblog

Also, let this be burnt into your retinas as it has been into mine:

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