Just saw this on Conan, and the tune is fantastic.

These guys, 'The 1975', are from Manchester, England, so I assume they speak *ENGLISH*.

But damned if I could catch a word out of TEN in the lyrics in this song. (title 'Chocolate')

The backing track would make a fantastic instrumental... The guitar work sort of reminds me of The Edge, U2's epic guitarist.

I am getting old enough that new music barely appeals to me, so for me to really like the music is sayin' something. I usually listen to 80's and early 90's music, and a lot of new pop seems completely ridiculous, and any track about being 'in da club' makes me instantly change radio stations.


...but I wasn't even on this planet in 1975, and I have my doubts that these guys are old enough to remember even 1995, let alone 1975. But they certainly can play some music.