I purchased sequential LED blinker bulbs for the Miata from iJDMToy. They turned out great, but my other discovery while installing them is what really got me excited.

I feel a little bad for not supporting the Miata community guy MX5Things. However he wants $150 for the lights plus $15 for the resistors and this set from eBay was $80, resistors included. iJDM has enough good reviews I figured I’d take the risk on it.

Struggled to get a good video of them filling up, so here is a series of trashy images instead

I found a wire with a five pin connector coiled up in the trunk of the RF.

After poking around the Miata community, I have determined the previous owner purchased a back up camera, installed it, and apparently removed the camera before trading the car in. There are only a couple kits that plug and play with the factory equipment and this looks to be one of them! The hole is drilled in the bumper and this looks to be running to the front of the car. I am super pumped about this. The RF has some solid blind spots so a back up camera would be absolutely awesome!


The problem is I can’t just buy the camera - and I can’t find any five pin connector cams to test it out on. I’m speculating on the why behind the camera not being there. The optimistic side says he pulled it out to sell it since it’s a $175 kit, but why is the rest of it still in the car? The realistic side says he started the job then quit because something broke.
I’ve reached out to the company in hopes of getting just the camera and going from there.
Link below to the full product:



If oppo knows of any five pin cameras that I could buy for cheap to test out let me know!

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