I’m not talking Pep Boys stick-on fender vents, I mean doing things that have a tangible benefit, but might cost a pretty penny, especially when applied to a 20+ year old model that just fell off the Kelley Blue Book radar.


  • seam welding
  • replacing all control arms with lighter/stronger materials
  • LS-swap
  • etc.

There are lots of examples of non-trivial mods of this sort, and I certainly don’t need to go into them all. But once you’ve done it, your car is much more valuable to you than it is to anyone else, especially your insurance company. What happens to a $2000 blue book car with $20000 in mods? Do you insure it as a “show car” with some insane 1000 mi/yr driving limits, or can you insure for stated value, raising the eyebrows of actuaries on the lookout for moral hazard, or what?


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