I’m thinking about taking a buyout if they offer one for the Nox Box

Its my wife’s car and she likes the Germanness of the car and its general shape and utility as well as how it drives nicely. I have been floating a few ideas in my head, ranging from a TSX wagon to a new V60 or even a sedan. I would prefer not a sedan, and we have no need for awd...not really since we’ve got the Land Cruiser for that biz. So I’m soliciting opinions to see if you guys have thought of something I haven’t.


  • decent economy
  • wagon preferable
  • stick preferable
  • lots of back seat room for kiddos. MINTA - Miata Is Not The Answer
  • reliable

Wont do:

  • Subaru Outback (she hates them)
  • something with a lot of miles (60k would probably be a cutoff)
  • Toyota’s. Sigh...not sure why but she wont drive a Toyota.

Domestics are...okay...but not high on the list

My personal preference is Japanese and NOT German but she wants European so...

Budget: I could stretch the budget up to ~$35,000 for new and probably $25k for used.