I’m looking for a beater SUV now (long story.) Easiest thing for my to do is source one from the UK and keep it registered there to avoid Belgian taxes. I can deal with the steering wheel on the wrong side.

I can find Land Rover Discoveries left and right and I figured why not a Nissan Xterra. Except they didn’t leave North America. Sure, there is the X-Trail, but I find that kind of ugly. Then the Pathfinder pops up in some search results, which bust the budget, but also fit the mission.

I will likely wind up with the likes of this:


All I ask is that if I wind up with a LR of some kind with a tire on the back I can somehow source a “Land Rover of Chicago” tire cover (or Knauz or something) that has the Chicago skyline on it. Because that would kick ass tooling around in Europe.