I was driving to work today and passed a Toyota Highlander with, I kid you not, a 3 foot high snowdrift on the roof of their vehicle. I have no idea how this is physically possible but it was there.

(not actual car...but ridiculous nonetheless)

I also came across a Rav4 with a nice, even distribution of snow atop their car (as well as what looks to be the remainder of a snowbank covering the front).

Now, aside from both vehicles being Toyotas they had something in common: idiocy.

Let's backtrack to last Friday when I was leaving work and watched a Pathfinder hit a pothole and shake about 6 inches of snow from the roof to the windshield. THE DRIVER SLAMMED ON THE BRAKES! This not only caused more snow to slide forward but caused a chain reaction of brake slamming. Thankfully, no accidents occurred.


I looked outside and there's more snow coming now for me so get word out there to clear the snow off your vehicles. At high speeds, it can fly off backwards and cause trouble for other drivers. When stopping, slowing down or hitting a bump it can cause trouble for you...and then other drivers. Overall, it is not safe.