Seriously, I'm disappointed by the lack of cars.

Am I alone in this?

Looking at the racing games being released this year those being Forza, Driveclub, Grid, The Crew, Project Cars, only Forza Horizon 2 has more than 100 cars.


Project cars current car list is pretty bare at the moment since the game is in development so for now it will get a pass.

Grid has continued its own trend of having a few car per class but given this games has less than 10 classes so yet again a Grid games with small amount of cars.

However my biggest gripes are with both Driveclub and The Crew who frankly should be embarassed. Considering these are both Next gen only games having around 40 -55 cars is not acceptable. Espacially when you see that Forza Horizon 2 has well over 200. Now I understand Forza Horizon 2 has the luxury of sharing car assets with Forza 5 but both Driveclub and The Crew have both been in development for over twice as long.

So given that GT6 had over 1200 cars and FM4 had over 700 different cars, is my disappointment justified or am I just another entitled gamer who always wants more.

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