Tim Hardy is a young, local guy from Colorado Springs who took an E30 BMW 3-series and turned it into a rally car with runs up Pikes Peak under his belt. I didn't get to chat with him and because he's not exactly a house-hold name, there's not a lot out there about him on the internet. Being a BMW owner, I was smitten by his car. It appears to be made of carbon-fiber body parts where possible. It has a screaming turbo-charged engine to boot. I suspect it'll do a nice run. Check out his run from last year, when he did the race in 11:35 and change. Unlike my prior post, these cars are a little less refined, but a riot nonetheless.

Another local guy is Rodney O'Maley. He looks to be pretty young too. He's running in the Open Wheel Class in this brute sponsored by Discount Tire. His car is powered by a Ford Taurus SHO engine. This year he put aside the tires suitable for the dirt portion of the hill climb.