(Warning: less-than-amused Yamahog after the jump. Here's a Hellcat burnout.)

Guys. I know we're all pissed about no more images in comments. It sucks, and it's a temporary bandaid. But please. Read the background before someone makes another redundant whiny thread.

  1. Just because the issue hit Jez first does not mean "those cranky women" (ACTUAL JALOP QUOTE) are the reason we don't have nice things. THE ASSHOLES RESPONSIBLE FOR MONTHS OF AWFUL GIF ASSAULTS ARE THE REASON.
  2. Jezebel did not "bring this on themselves" by being feminists on the internet any more than a woman wearing a skirt or walking home alone deserves whatever awful things someone else chooses to do. (If you disagree with this point, go ahead, I will not engage with you.)
  3. Let's all take a minute to reflect that the repeated and valid complaints of the mostly female Jezebel staff were completely ignored by Gawker Media for months before a justified public shaming campaign AND gifs started affecting the other (non-Jez) sites and a solution (albeit crude and temporary) magically appeared. Effectively saying that, once again, something that is seen as a "women's problem" doesn't matter until it affects everyone else.
  4. Also, Jez writers and commenters are being told to "just deal with" seeing violent rape porn gifs as an everyday occurrence on articles as benign as a 13 year old girl pitching a shutout in the Little League World Series, but as soon as poopy porn gifs appear on deadspin, kotaku, etc.... EWWW GROSS GET THAT OUT OF HERE MY POOR EYES BLOCK ALL IMAGES. Once again, the "women's concerns" are dismissed as something silly to be bothered by because we should just deal with the internet being awful to us, but the poop puts everyone else over the edge. Ok.


As I've said before, yes, I'm a feminist gearhead engineer (radical notion that men and women are equal, crazy stuff right), but I'm not the biggest fan of the Jez MP (for completely different reasons than most of you, I assume).

I am, however, realllyyyy getting tired of coming here and seeing people constantly bitching about Jez as a representation on their feelings of feminism as a whole, especially with regard to this topic. I've offered to answer your burning lady questions (to the best of my ability, with the understanding I can't and won't speak for everyone) and link to articles with a more palatable tone for people who object to that sort of thing but still want to see what the fuss is about on certain Jezebel articles.


And before anyone goes there, yes, this is Oppo, not the gender studies blog. But with how much you guys bring this stuff up first (despite the specific mention in the rules regarding shittalking other Kinja blogs), it's getting really old, really fast.

/soapbox, donning flame suit, don't expect me to respond to cesspool comments.