Seriously people? Seriously?

We went out to dinner tonight at a local restaurant/micro brewery. The PTA of my daughter’s school was doing a fundraiser there, 15% of the check went to the PTA. Now, this is a place meant for adults. It’s a nice place. They have a kid’s menu, but Chuck E Cheese it is not. Of course, there were a ton of kids there. What we didn’t bargain on, was the group of parents that pushed a couple tables next to us together, put all their kids there 15-20 kids), and then the parents all sat at a completely different table! WTF?!?!

Long story short, my father-in-law got shot in the side of the head with a dart gun. Credit where credit is due, the kid’s dad saw it, dragged him over, and made the kid apologize. The dad also apologized a couple times, you could tell he felt genuinely bad. But seriously, supervise your children, and why the holy hell do you let a kid bring a damn dart gun into a restaurant?


Yes, I kept the dart.

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