Not even back a day, and my blood pressure and heart rate from work bullshit is so high, I should really fucking be in the ER.

So, I have put my foot down. I am fucking tired of being completely fucking embarrassed by this shit and constantly disrespected and insulted. Said basically “you made a conscious decision to disrespect my knowledge and willfully ignore my input. Just because we’re on the Titanic does not mean I will rearrange the deck chairs for you.

Seriously, how the fuck do you put a job in your resume and say “seriously, I am embarrassed as fuck to even be associated with these dishonest incompetents”?

And then I opened this.


It’s just so fucking nice to be not even be one day back from the only goddamn vacation I’ve actually been allowed to take, and walk right into a goddamn land mine that also slaps me right in the face first.

Fuck. This. Place. So. Much.