Seriously... WTF GM!

I hate, loath and have a general disdain for my Fiancées 2012 Malibu. She bought it new and has had soo many stupid issues over the years.

So last week her drivers side headlight just stopped working. Which yeah head lights they need replacing, blah blah blah. Well sure except this was done in March of 2016. Which ok maybe it was a bad bulb. What sucks though is to change the head light you need to remove the whole god damn front of the car and the inner wheel well of the side you need to change. So it’s kind of a take it in repair, such bullshit.

So yeah dropped off at my mechanic yesterday to have the light changed again. Only to just get a call from him that the bulb is fine, how ever it turns out that these as well as Pontiac G6's have a habit of developing a short that melts the connectors..


Are you F’ing kidding me GM... uugH. I HOPE that I get this job I interviewed for today because that POS is soo gone as soon as it is feesable!

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