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Servers and food-service folks: a question (actually 2)

There are lots of quick-service places now. Not fast food, but pretty fast, but not normal sit-down places where you order from a menu and have a server. So, at a place like this, where I walk to the counter and put in my order and pay, and get my own drink, and clear my own trash, where the only thing that the staff does is transfer my plate from the kitchen to the table, am I a raging asshole for not tipping in this scenario? Just making sure, because the places where I pay, and then they swing the POS around to let me click “no tip” sure are making me kind of feel that way.

Full disclosure: at a normal restaurant, I generally tip 20%.

Question number 2: at a normal, sit-down restaurant, when I get the bill back with my card, I fill it out quickly like this - I take 10% of the total, double it, add it to the subtotal in my head, and then round it up or down to the nearest whole dollar, write that down on the total line, and then do a quick scribble of my signature. For example, if the bill was $25.10, I’d write $31.00 on the total line, sign and go. Does leaving the tip line blank make me a insensitive jerkwad? Is this obnoxious, from a server’s perspective, or no big deal? I worked in a grocery store in high school, and then a paint store and a sign shop during/after college, so I just honestly don’t know. I do it because it’s simple and quick, but if it’s a pain, I’ll change.



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