Service fees for using a card or bank account? Really? Warning - it's one of those days...

I’m really missing the days when I didn’t have gas service in my home.

First, they said it would be $89/mo, then they corrected it it $55 and then sent me a bill for $297. I called them up and they said that, oops, they forgot to put me on the payment plan so it’s going to be $64/mo.


Second, they charge $1.60 for electronic transactions. Really? In 2018? You want to charge me so that you can get your money instantly and guaranteed, unlike if I used a frigging check? I’m tempted to dig out my checkbook and stamps just to spite these bastards.

It’s one of those days. Fuck Spire for their stupid billing practices. Fuck Target for selling me a chunk of scrap metal in a broken plastic case and labeling it as a repackaged 6TB HD. Fuck Newfrog for shorting each and every order I’ve placed and not bothering to explain when, if ever, I will get my missing merchandise. And fuck me for being a lazy, overweight slob that can’t get up early enough in the day to actually cook a decent meal and getting stuff done before having to drag my tired ass back into the office.

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