Just stopped into my local station. Before I left my car I could see two cars at the air station and one employee was assisting a man with the complicated task of putting his money in the machine. I was greeted at the entrance of the station by a lady that looked to be in her 60's with a cell phone to her ear. After a dance to get in the door I made my purchase and soon thereafter the employee that was helping the man entered. I was just about to get back in my car when I noticed the second car at the air station had a totally flat tire and inside was the same lady still talking on her cell. I tapped on her glass and asked if I could change her tire for her. She was surprised and explained her cell phone kept cutting out and help would be great. Everything went without a hitch except the handle for her jack was nowhere to be found. I instead used the jack from my car despite not having a proper notch for the frame. Pumped up the spare, and in less than 10 minutes and the job was done and she was on her way.

Point of the story:

To the two able-bodied guys in their 30's working the station: Go pound sand you worthless self-absorbed lazy dick twits.

That is all.