I cleaned the garage up today. With the Miata rolling under her own power for the first time in a long time, it was due. I had taken the last week off work to get the Miata done and spend a few days driving the great roads of California with it. Unfortunately it turned into the staycation from hell in a lot of ways. Work kept on intruding because they knew I was “around” and meetings, yes meetings while on vacation, forced me to reschedule my work on the car. It took about 3.5 extra days to get the car rolling again since you don’t just do a candidate video interview in your shop getup and there are only so many times/day that I was to change clothes, shower, clean up, etc. All the while, my landlord had workers working on the house (for the 3rd straight week) replacing siding and stucco. Hammering. Sawing. Nailgunning. All very relaxing for the only vacation I’ve had this year.

I got a single nice 1.5 hour drive in all week. I guess I’m going to settle for a somewhat cleanish garage and a mostly working Miata.


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