In the category of ‘life updates I’ve delayed sharing that no one really cares about’, it’s become apparent I’m staying in Wichita for a while

Image: Shout out to Bman76 for the RE-71R skyline

For those that don’t know, I’ve been part of a rotational development program at work this year. It ends soon, and I have been fortunate enough to receive (and accept) an offer to join our parts team permanently as, essentially, a data analysis specialist. It’s a pretty significant career step: reports directly to a VP, gets involved with high level business decisions, and potentially turns into a supervisor/leadership role pretty quickly. Plus I get a raise. A little one, but every bit helps.

I also had an offer to leave this fair city, still with the same company, but decided this would be more in line with my overall career goals.

So it looks like I’m calling Wichita home for at least a few more years. As such I’ve begun to look for a house for my future wife and I. It’s quite the process.


Hard to believe this is where I’m at right now. When I first came to this city as a young, energetic, ambitious Aerospace Engineer I never would have expected that my career would have taken the winding, sometimes broken path it has. I’ve been lucky enough to try many different hats, unlucky enough to have the ones I liked taken away, but now it looks like I’ll settle in on a great team with abundant opportunity in a growing and ambitious part of our business.