As usual, I was cruising the grids, when I noticed a pup about 400 metres out of town. Got out, called him over, he ran right up to me, all excited. No collar, fur was thick and matted, he’d clearly been out for a while. Brought him back to the office where my coworker and I watched him for two hours before the dog catcher showed up.

Thing is, I gave him my business card. Told him to call me in a week if they couldn’t find the owner. My coworker and I fell hard for Dog, as we named him. He whined a lot when we tried to keep him contained in another room, but once released, he passed out under my chair. He was energetic when we tried playing with him, and passed out with his head on my boot after. And I know that my last experience with Archer was a bad one (and one of the reasons why my relationship ended). But... have I matured enough and put myself together more in the last four months to try with a dog again? This time, I know I’m on my own for the most part. I can financially support it. If Dog’s been abandoned, I have a pretty good idea he can go a few hours without me.


I don’t know if this is a good idea. I have a week to figure out if I want him, to put a plan together. Part of me knows it’s just a dog, and if he’s destroyed, then that’s just how the cookie crumbles. But... if I could help him and give him a home? And if he could give me... I dunno, anything, I think it might be worth the risk.

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