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Seven Days Until Oppo Rally (Game reveal)

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We’re down to the final week leading up to the rally, and that means it’s time to reveal the details to the rest of Oppo, because even if you’re not attending you can still follow along, and even participate in part of it.


This post was written a week or so ago because I’m currently in a rally car in Ohio (unless we crashed again).

So here’s the game: treasure hunt. For those of you who have done a LeMons rally you’ll know how this works because Oppo Rally blatantly rips it off is a loving tribute. I have compiled a list of landmarks across the state of Connecticut, some automotive, some historical, some just plain weird. Competing teams will bring a team mascot and take a photo of said mascot at said landmarks. The checkpoint photos must be uploaded into the comments section of the official event post here on Oppo to score points. The event post will go up at 9 AM on Saturday and be bumped throughout the day to keep it on the front page until the event is over. This is where the rest of you come in.


You, the Oppo collective, will be giving bonus points to up to three competitors, as well as giving an award to one. The most starred checkpoint photo, most starred non-checkpoint photo, and most starred shared video will each net the competitor 50 points. You will also vote on who you felt consistently posted the best updates/photos throughout the day. Winner of this gets a fabulous prize.

For anyone in the NYC or Worcester, MA areas who can’t participate in the rally but are interested in hanging for a bit and meeting some Oppos, you can meet us at the rally start point or the the rally check-in point on the 27th, or the awards ceremony on the morning of the 28th. Here are the locations:

Rally Start: (Check-in and vehicle inspection begins at 7, rally starts at 9)
Port Chester Marina Lot
51 Abendroth Ave
Port Chester, NY.


Rally Finish: (7 PM-11 PM)
The Sole Proprietor
118 Highland St
Worcester, MA 01609

Awards: 9 AM
Bancroft Tower
25 Bancroft Tower Rd (approx)
Worcester, MA 01609

If you’ve sent in a registration email you should have received a welcome/preliminary info letter. If you haven’t received it yet please let me know in the comments. It’s possible either my filter has eaten your email or yours has eaten the welcome letter. Either way that’s information you need.


If you haven’t registered for Oppo Rally (why not, yo?) it’s not too late! Sticker orders are already in, but registration is open until the day before. Here’s how to do so.

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