Sexual equality and racing

Why are there not more women in racing?

Seriously, we all know women who live up to the unfair stereotype of “the woman driver”. Then again, for every one of those I see on there road, I’ll easily spot 3 college-age women, invariably in a newer Hyundai Elantra, tearing ass down the freeway while talking on the phone, weaving thru traffic with the greatest of ease.

Before you balk at this blatant disregard for safety, think about the talent it takes to do this - not only driver’s skill, but also that ability to quickly assess risk and push the envelope. Watching that side-by-side of Senna/Prost, you see where Senna’s advantage was - he was more willing to ride the edge of control, where Prost was more calculated. I think, given some proper technical training and that nigh-unteachable level of in-born bravado, women could easily represent in motorsport far more than they do.


I mean, obviously racing is seen as a “man’s sport” as most mainstream sports are. But aside from the Old Boy’s Club, is there any real reason we shouldn’t be seeing more women in motorsport?

For your time, Susie Wolff, who currently drives for the Williams F1 team, and has driven in Formula Renault, F3, and DTM:

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