Some sexy Germans from the past month. I stopped at Trader Joe’s and was excited that there were two 991 Turbo S, then I saw what I thought was a Cayman GT4 driving way on the other side of the parking lot. When I went over to check it out, I found this gorgeous pair, the first time I’ve seen the new GT3 RS in the wild.


Labor Day Weekend I found three 911s whose owners decided to go for a sunrise drive. To the Right of the GT3 was a 997 Carrera S.

Brian Scotto of Hoonigan owns this RWB 964, which was front-and-center at the Grand Opening of Hoonigan Bakery in Long Beach.


This gorgeous widebody E30 drift missile was also present. To its right there was an M3-swapped E91 with amazing fender flares, though I’ll save the pictures of that for a photo dump tomorrow (once I edit some stuff from the Japanese Classic Car Show and Hot Import Nights LA [polar opposite in terms of events!]).

Thanks for looking!

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