So driving back to the ‘burbs from Lincoln Park, Chicago. My boring-as-sin 2007 Honda Accord started making a noise...a metal-on-metal noise from the passenger front wheel well.

First thought: “I haven’t touched the brakes on this car in 30,000 miles, it has to be the brakes.”

Everything stopped fine, no noises or pulling when the brakes were applied gently or sharply.


Second thought “Maybe something caught in the wheel or caliper?”

Got out and checked the wheel: still has pad left, rotors look okay (ridge is staaaarting to form, but NBD), nothing in the wheel.

Keep driving and test the noise. Very soft at idle; loud at 5-30mph, nothing at 30mph+; doesn’t vary with what gear it’s in (automatic); varies with RPM, but not wheel speed. Any guesses yet?

Buuuuuuuffer Image. Sadly, 14" Magnum 500s do not clear the brakes.


Get home and what do I find?

It’s like a galvanized taco-hot dog. (Picture is post bolt removal)


I don’t think that goes there. The heat shield had corroded in a perfect circle around the bolts on each side.

Fred and George are their names, and like real pets, left a dirty reddish-brown stain on the driveway.


Removing the bolts that look suspiciously stock AND broken at the same time is an emotional rollercoaster.

Twist ties were tempting, as was copper wire, but that’s TOO permanent. Would never buy washers at that rate.


So the eventual official ShadeTree fix is to get a fat washer, but we get the ShadeTree Racing Edition repair! Any takers on how far they’ll make it until they melt?