Shadetree Saturdays? Resurrecting my poor Z

Those of you who follow my posts (all 1 of you) know that my beloved Zed has a broken timing belt and probably a busted engine and is now worthless. But what if it could be fixed?

That’s right. I actually had a friend of mine who’s a mechanic look at it back when the proverbial shit hit the fan. The symptoms (loss of compression under no load) suggested timing belt, but he couldn’t get one of the timing belt covers off due to lack of tools. His head wasn’t really in it.


But another friend of mine has insisted that we give it another look. He’s an awesome guy with a VT Commodore and an 80s Corolla he’s drivetrain swapped a number of times, so if anyone can help it’s probably him (or I could pay someone, but that costs money right?).

An intact timing belt. Hoorah!

And help he did. After a few hours removing bits and pieces to get the other timing belt cover off, we found that the belt isn’t snapped and timing still seems to be good (timed? correct? I dunno, I’m learning). It looks like the culprit is the crank angle sensor, so we’re gunna start replacing things and hopefully in a couple of weeks we’ll fire it up and all will be right with the world.


The aforementioned bits and pieces

Until that happens...the weather’s improving sharply as Austalia comes out of Winter, we’re having a good time wrenching on the Z and cruising around in the MR2 when we need tools/parts. Things could be worse.


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