Okay, shakedown always struck me as a pretty weak show and Leo always struck me as the type of person who basically bandwagon hates on things. But wow was this episode BAD. Listen leo, just because something has a chevy engine in it, doesn't mean it is automatically a full-on GM project. And all those drag cars you mention that are just some hot rodders having fun means you miss out on some actual bad racing programs that corporate GM has backed over the years. Oh and when your only jab at the cobalt ignition switch recall is to just....well.....say it? And you repeat this over and over again? You're not funny. The comments section of your videos are more enjoyable than your show. WHEN THE COMMENTS OF YOUR YOUTUBE SHOW ARE BETTER THAN YOUR SHOW, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! Drive is a pretty good channel overall but shakedown is just shit. I hope they cut back on that show so others get more budget.